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BUAISOU dyes each "airvase WHITE" with indigo by hand, and creates both a plain indigo-dyed airvase, as well as an airvase patterned with Itajime (wood clamping) dyeing technique.


Because of the incisions in the paper, a variety of expressions are created. You'll be enthralled by the variations in the beautiful indigo color seen in three dimensions.



Manufactured by KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO  

Core Material : Luminescence Maximum White  
Color : Indigo (White base)  
Quantity : 1pc
Size : 193mm
Package size : W200×H200mm
Japanese design patent : 1406936

airvase artist series

  • Refrain from pulling too hard on paper to avoid deformation and/or tearing.Keep away from water,dampness or moisture.


    BUAISOU’s indigo dye products have been stripped of excess dye using natural dye stripping agents prior to purchase, there is still a possibility of color transfer with harsh rubbing or other close / vigorous interactions.


    Because the products are handmade, each item’s colors and patterns are unique. * The dye may react to ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and discoloration may occur. Please keep away from excessive ultraviolet rays or sunlight. 

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