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The design of this Atelier coat is inspired by a French vintage classic, all-purpose, 

work coat. Suitable for all age groups.

Made from resilient linen fabric.

It has two large pockets and two left chest pockets.

A slit either side gives access to the left and right inner pockets practically.

※ As a feature of indigo dye, the color of the front and back (including overlapping parts) may be different.

※ so please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about fading for re-dying.


Hakushi is the brand that Miura launched before joining BUAISOU. Garments such as this one that were designed before will have the Hakushi label.

Atelier coat indigo

  • material : 100% linen

    size :

    S_Length 44.5, Chest 44.9, Shoulder 19.3, Sleeve 23.2, Cuff 11.8 inch

    M_Length 45.7, Chest 47.2, Shoulder 20.1, Sleeve 24.0, Cuff 11.8 inch

    L_Length 46.9, Chest 49.6, Shoulder 20.9 , Sleeve 24.8, Cuff 11.8 inch

    skm(sukumo) : 2017/2018

    color : dark indigo

    ed(e.x.) : 20171125B21.3

    ※20171125(date) B(vat no.) 21(the age of the vat : days) 3(dip no.)

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