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After dyeing, without being completely coated in chemicals, it is finished with a layer of hemp oil to preserve the wood.

Color transfer can occur when used, and the texture and color will come out over time due to scratches and fading, resulting in an original color.

*Friction may result in loss of color.


  • material : wood (Sakura and Japanese zelkova)
    size : h180mm (ball)Φ80mm
    box size : w79×d195×h65mm
    color : indigo

  • Friction may result in loss of color.

    Depending on the characteristics of the wood, warping or cracking may occur.

    Sun damage may result from UV ray exposure.

    Please keep products away from direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration.

    Oil used for the finishing coat may come off.


    Please be aware of the above prior to purchase. 

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