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The BUAISOU lightweight tote is made with a cotton warp and linen weft. It is large yet light in weight, similar in thickness of cotton canvas No. 11. making it very durable.
It has a utilitarian structure with only one inner pocket.
The slender and long handles are suitable as shoulder straps and are reinforced with copper rivets to withstand heavy loads. Unlike the Canvas tote bag, the entire bag is hand dyed after construction. Each will have individual puckering (shrinking wrinkles) and copper rivets will have a unique patina.

Lightweight tote bag light indigo

  • material : 68% cotton  32% linen
    size : h39(15.35)×w41(16.14)×d13(5.11) / handle 26(10.23)cm(inch)
    skm : 2019-2020
    color : light indigo
    ・Woven and sewn in Okayama, Japan.
    *e.g. 20171015(date) C(vat no.) 57(the age of the vat : days) 2(dip no.)

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