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This over-size coat was created with the image of a coat worn by a European horse dealer in mind. There is an inner pocket on the left chest and large flap pockets on the sides. You can adjust the size and silhouette with the waist belt attached on the side. Since the sleeves are pivot sleeves, they keep the shape and also ensure mobility.

※ As a feature of indigo dye, the color of the front and back (including overlapping parts) may be different.

※ so please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about fading for re-dying.


Hakushi is the brand that Miura launched before joining BUAISOU. Garments such as this one that were designed before will have the Hakushi label.

Over size coat dark indigo

  • material : 100% linen

    size :

    M_Length 38.2, Chest 57.1, Shoulder 25.6, Sleeve 19.3, Cuff 13.8 inch

    L_Length 41.3, Chest 58.7, Shoulder 28.0 , Sleeve 20.9, Cuff 14.6 inch

    skm(sukumo) : 2017

    color : dark indigo

    ed(e.x.) : 20171125B21.3

    ※20171125(date) B(vat no.) 21(the age of the vat : days) 3(dip no.)

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