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BUAISOU hand-dyed 100% Ramie (苧麻), #60 count, 43cm wide hand-woven fabric. The ultra-light indigo is an extremely precious color. It appears only for a limited period of time in the life of the indigo vat. The fabric is hand-woven yarn spun in both the warp and weft. This makes for a soft and versatile fabric ideal for Noren and clothing.


* This price is per meter

* Fabric may vary in color from lot to lot

* Please note that the actual color of the product may appear slightly different, depending on your monitor setting.
* e-packet(economical shipping) is available.

Ramie fabric very light indigo

  • material : 100% Ramie
    size : w43cm (16.92inch)
    price : $45 / meter
    color: very light indigo
    skm : 2018 ※skm(sukumo)
    made in Japan

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