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A loosely fitted 100% cotton T-shirt made using loopwheeled fabric with a nice hand feel.
Loopwheeled #40 double-ply yarn is not too thick and thin. And the soft texture and cylinder specifications make it less prone to stress when worn. It is very durable and can be enjoyed for a long time without losing its shape, even after many washes.

The fabric is the same as the T-shirt type I & type II that we have sold so far, but the collar, ribs, and length-to-length have been changed. This is a standard T-shirt.


Loopwheeled machines are circular knitting machines that slowly knit “tubes” of fabric with no inbuilt strain or tension, resulting in a smooth texture that maintains the original softness of the thread. Unlike a modern high-speed knitting machine, we knit without applying tension to the thread or putting any extra burden on the fabric -- such as winding while pulling, so the finished fabric is high quality and made to last.


Please note that a slight discrepancy in dyed color, sizing, and fabric characteristics may exist.

T-shirt dark indigo

  • Material; 100% cotton
    Size; S/M/L
    (box size) W33×D25×H3cm
    Color; Dark indigo
    Skm(sukumo); 2023

    The Price may vary depending on the exchange rate of the Japanese yen. Please kindly note this in advance.

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