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The flute player is a motif that the KUTANI CHOEMON ceramics studio has continued painting for 60 years. An indigo theme was chosen for this version. The flute player seen here is holding an indigo leaf and is dyed in indigo - skin and all. Limited availability on the BUAISOU online store.



Founded in 1879 in Nomi, Ishikawa, Kutani Choemon proudly produces Japanese tableware, all lovingly handcrafted by master artisans and drawing upon East Asia’s rich porcelain heritage. Festooned in deep, vibrant indigo blue and the five traditional colors of Kutani pottery, our creations take you on a journey to the classical yet fresh and dynamic world of Kutani ware.

Teacup Flute Player -Indigo- / KUTANI CHOEMON

  • Yunomi (Japanese teacup)

    Designed by Keigo Kamide (Kutani Pottery, 6 generation heir to the KUTANI CHOEMON Studio)
    Manufacture: KUTANI CHOEMON
    Size: 70(2.75)mm × h82(3.22)mm(inch)
    Material: Kutani pottery porcelain
    It comes in a gift box.
    *Dishwasher and microwave are safe.

    Made in Japan (Ishikawa Prefecture)

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