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We use twill fabric woven from medium weight fabrics.  Vertical threads of no. 20 and horizontal threads of no. 10.
To make it easier to work, the slope of the shoulder is slight and the height of the arm hole is lowered as much as possible.  These specifications make arm movements easy.
There are five pockets in total:  two in the chest, one pen pocket ,and two on the side.
The side pockets are designed not to disturb everyday movement by being under the armpit.

Work coat indigo

  • material : 100% cotton

    size :

    S_Length 33, Chest 45, Shoulder 19, Sleeve 23.5, Cuff 11 inch

    M_Length 34, Chest 47, Shoulder 19.5, Sleeve 24, Cuff 11 inch

    L_Length 34.5, Chest 49.5, Shoulder 20.5, Sleeve 24.5, Cuff 11 inch

    skm(sukumo) : 2017

    color : indigo

    ed(e.x.) : 20171125B21.3

    ※20171125(date) B(vat no.) 21(the age of the vat : days) 3(dip no.)

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